Asperger and Autism Friendly Driving School

Julia from A. Auto Julia's Driving School is a very PATIENT, Calm & Friendly FEMALE driving instructor who is an Asperger and Autism Friendly driving instructorJulia is trained in both advanced and defensive driving skills and has over 23 years of teaching experience. Julia's extensive experience and her enjoyment of teaching enables her to be able to teach even the most nervous or Anxious of drivers. Julia teaches people with all kinds of backgrounds and needs, including Uni & High School Students, people with Special Needs such as Learning Difficulties, Autism Spectrum, Asperger’s Syndrome, ADHD, Dyslexia, OLDER learner beginners, Seniors and more. You’ll feel right at home when choosing Julia's Asperger and Autism friendly driving school for your driving lesson needs in Sydney's Southern Suburbs including the Sutherland Shire, Miranda & St George area

Julia's softly spoken voice, understanding and kind nature enables her to have great success in teaching students of ALL ages who have Aspergers or are on the Autism Spectrum to be able to help them learn to drive SAFELY and get their drivers licence. 

If you are looking for an Asperger and Autism Friendly driving school, Julia understands that there are important factors that need to be addressed such as how to help them to learn to drive safely. For this reason Julia has Rod Style Dual Controls fitted rather than the common cheaper "floppy cable" design which DOESNOT allow the drivers pedals action to be softened. With the common cheaper "floppy cable" system the drive is less control-able. Often the drive will be quite stressful, harsh & jerky with the VERY high risk of having a rear or front-end collision if the student suddenly brakes or accelerates too hard. With the Rod Style system, the drive is clearly smoother, SAFER and can be controlled much better and PREVENT rear or front-end collisions. 

Julia's Asperger and Autism Friendly driving school offers a range of lesson packages in Julia's brand new automatic Dual Control Toyota Corolla. Lessons are available six days a week, Mon-Fri 6:30am-8:30pm and half days on Saturday. Parents are welcome to attend with their Autistic or Asperger child on their child's driving lesson.

Don't compromise on Quality or your child's Safety! Choose Julia for your driving lesson needs. SMS or call 0435 071 232 today for driving lesson excellence that you can rely on.

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