Driving Lessons in BEXLEY NORTH

Julia is a very PATIENT & Calm FEMALE Driving Instructor providing driving lessons in Bexley North Julia is the owner and operator of A. Auto Julia's Driving School. Julia is professionally trained in both advanced and defensive driving techniques. and she has taught in the four biggest cities in the country, including Sydney. Julia has over 23 years of teaching experience and is the best Female driving instructor in Sydney if you are searching for driving lessons in Bexley North.

Julia's driving lessons in Bexley North have a big focus on you being able to drive safely and confidently in ALL traffic conditions, both daytime and night. Julia is a confident and expert driver who is softly spoken, helpful and friendly. If you don't feel confident driving or even if you are a complete beginner Julia can help you improve and become better. 

Julia can teach even the most nervous or Anxiious of drivers, including people with Special Needs such as people with Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, ADHD, Dyslexia, OLDER learner beginners, Seniors and more. You’ll feel right at home when choosing Julia for your
driving lessons in Bexley North.

Julia offers lesson packages in either her new automatic Dual Control Toyota Corolla or your own manual or automatic car. When looking for driving lessons in Bexley North you will find Julia offers a flexible service with lesson available Mon-Fri from 6:30am-8:30pm and half days on Saturday. Lessons are also child friendly so if you have a car seat you are most welcome to bring your child with you on your lesson.

Don't compromise on Safety or Quality! Achieve you goal of getting your drivers licence and to learn to drive sucessfully, fast and easily with Julia’s driving lessons in Bexley North. SMS or call 0435 071 232 today for excellent driving instruction you can rely on.

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