NDIS Registered Driving School

Julia from A. Auto Julia's Driving school is a very PATIENT, Calm & Friendly FEMALE Drivng Instructor with over 23 years of teaching experience. Julia is softly spoken and and her goal is make the process of Learning to Drive EASIER. Julia is softly spoken and will break down the tasks of learning to drive into small pieces that are easier to understand and digest. Julia will go at your own learning pace and will first start you off with the basics and then proceed on onto more complex tasks. Julia will explain things early to you and in simple terms so you have plenty of time to think, prepare or ask questions if you need. If you would like written notes Julia has a bunch she can give you FREE to take home so you can go through them in your own time and your own pace without feeling rushed.

If you are looking for a Special Needs, Learning Difficulties, Asperger or Autism Friendly driving school, Julia understands that there are important factors that need to be addressed such as how to LEARN TO DRIVE SAFELY. For this reason Julia has Rod Style Dual Controls fitted rather than the common cheaper "floppy cable" design . The floppy cable system DOES NOT allow the drivers pedal action to be softened and makes the drive is less control-able and much more stressful due to to harsher & jerkier braking & accelerating. This increases the risk of having a rear or front-end collision if the student suddenly brakes or accelerates too hard. With the Rod Style system, the drive is clearly much smoother, SAFER and can be controlled better and PREVENT accidents much more effectively. 

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